lunedì 13 giugno 2011

I am my own model phoneme and they are my allophones

It can be quite a weird metaphor, but I think I really mean it!
Well, it was looking About a boy for - I dunno- maybe the third time in short terms (not pleasure, merely studying duty) that I've come to realise how important friendship is. No man is an island, yes, I could be an island, sure, but that wouldn't make any sense. So, couples are not the future. At least, not the only possible future. And, trust me, I've been wasting my time thinking they were.. and, well, it just turned out that I am wasted on my own now and nothing else.. no couple thing at the horizon and... bugger it all! So, the only thing I need is: stop thinking about these bullshits, I just want to feel that chill down my spine again, like being on a ship, maybe Greece-directed, one hand holding a beer and the other put around my best mate's shoulder, smile on our faces and sea in front of us. This is how life is supposed to be.

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